Will think different


We must drastically reduce the wolf population before we are all endangered by them when they run out of deer for their main food supply.

We are still lucky that we have ample deer for their main food supply. Even though the deer have been chased out of their natural habitat and into the cities, towns and other inhabited locations such as Sawyer Lake.

I have been educated by my dad who narrowly escaped wolf disaster near Marquette in the 1930s, and his friend was killed by wolves in Minnesota in the early 1900s.

Also, locally, the Crystal Falls Mining Gazette had an article about two men taking a mining machinery part to Escanaba for repair using a team of horses and a wagon. One man went to Escanaba to get a repair part, when the wagon broke down, the other man stayed with the wagon. When the man returned to the wagon, all he found was blood and many wolf tracks in the snow.

As early as March, 1943 I felt the DNR was underestimating the wolf population when they said the wolves are near extinction with two and at the most three wolves existing in the U.P. and none below Koski’s Corners.

In January 1943, I saw wolf tracks 30 miles below Koski’s Corners and in May 1943, while fishing on a stream 40 miles below Koski’s Corners, a wolf growled viciously at my friend and then ran across the stream, past me, four feet away.

So much for the wolf count in 1943, I hope it will be more accurate in 2013.

I have plenty of wolves at Lake Ellen, saw one on the road to my house in March three years ago, one looking into my window two years ago and howling in the woods behind me last summer.

Unless something is done soon to reduce the wolf population, the DNR license revenue and local business revenue will be drastically reduced September through November.

Also, you can forget about having venison meat drives for the hungry.

Also, in the meantime, we should outlaw killing the deer that are being driven into the cities.

Instead, we should stun-gun them and take them out to state forests for the wolf food.

I am sure the deer will be happy to live in their natural habitat if it is not inundated with wolves. I am sure those who are against reducing the wolf population will think different when the wolves start on humans for their food source.

Leo Fende