Respect and kindness


Would you pay for rudeness and disrespect?

Well, that’s what I did recently. Recently I went to a business for a service.

When the employee had finished their responsibility I was completely dissatisfied with the service I was provided. With kindness and respect, I called it to the attention of the employee who had waited on me.

Instead of listening to my concern, a verbal avalanche ensued. Without going into the details, I was yelled at and to make things worse, I was talked about when the employee returned to her work station. The manager came out and I explained the situation and how I was just treated by his employee. He said absolutely nothing. No apologies, nothing.

So here is my question folks, why would anyone go back to a business that treats their customer’s with such disrespect? There are many other business owners out there that would appreciate your business and treat you with respect and kindness. Seek them out.

Cynthia Grayvold