Punishment is unfitting


Six months probation, fines totaling more than $1000, and 42 days of Community Service have been ordered. For what you ask?

This is the sentence that was handed to a man for driving on a suspended license, on his snowmobile.

One may ask why such a steep sentence. I have found through some research that a person can drive a snowmobile with out a license.

However, if you have a license and it is suspended, you may not drive your sled.

I have been over this many times and have come to the conclusion that this punishment is unfitting for the “crime” committed.

When asked, at the Secretary of State, if a license was required to drive a snowmobile the answer was no.

So, I ask you, should this man be punished for riding his snowmobile with a suspended license, when he was told he didn’t need one to ride?

Community Service of 42 days equals over 400 hours.

In recent days reading the sentencing section of The Daily News I have found that others have been given less of a sentence for what I would consider a worse crime.

A person was given less than 50 hours of Community Service for drunk driving.

Another was given less than 50 hours for shoplifting.

This has led me to believe that this punishment is unfitting.

I have decided to write this editorial to ask for opinions from the readers. Is this sentence a little over the top?

I also would like to ask how it is possible for a person to pay over $1,000 in fines if that person is spending 20 hours a week doing Community Service.

Sheri Fetterman

Iron Mountain