A flood is coming


A flood is coming. When I think about the pension bubble that is not far away from bursting. The feds still printing $25 billion a month to prop up retirement pension funds via buying bonds and junk investment securities.

Then couple that with current theatrics in politics that is on display each day just to prop up failure. Just how bad is it?

Our times reminds me of the story of Noah from the Bible. Noah was just a man that had adoration towards God. Not a perfect man, I’m sure, but a faithful man. He looked around and saw in his time how wicked things had become. Everyone was living and taking from life all they could get but dishonoring the principles of life itself and the one who created it.

God impressed on Noah to build an ark a place of safety and provision because he was going to send a flood. Good scientists will admit that a flood ravage this earth but most of us do not know this. Many anti-Christ scientists through the years have thought up and teach junk science with all its concocted theories. They keep building on those theories with unproven facts until the truth is not found anywhere in their straw man.

According to biblical record, Noah during the 120 years it took to build the ark must have kept preaching to the people the right way to live. The Bible calls Noah “a preacher of righteousness.”

But just like the culture back then, today those important truths like being honest, hard working, God fearing, unselfish would most likely go unnoticed or made into a joke and if not a joke at the very least the ramblings from a troubled person.

But the day did come and the deception, wickedness, and corruption ingrained in the people could not be separated from them and they were destroyed by their choice not to listen.

The thing about the creator most do not understand is in making his creation with the ability to love him he must also make them with a capacity to hate him. In giving them the ability to listen to him also the choice to rebel against him. If he gave us the choice to do good he must also give us the freedom to do evil.

God’s desire was to have a earth of good with people who would enjoy him and his goodness and live in peace. For peace to exist there must be a eradicating of evil by pursuing good. Unfortunately evil is not something that will disappear soon but in the absence of good evil seems to prevail. But all evil and the bearers of it eventually bring judgment on themselves with all the assorted fruit of deserved pain not just here on earth but one day when we stand before our creator to give him an account for our life.

God in the beginning took from nothing and spoke into existence the planet. Then he kept creating making the plants and trees, sun and moon, fish, birds and animals. He brought something out of nothing, then kept bringing order to it until the perfection of the Garden of Eden. And God said it was real good. Then he created man in his image to participate in all the good things of life with him.

God desired to teach the goodness of life to his man and woman he created. But Adam following Eve chose their own way to find the truth eating from a tree they were told not to and at that point started down the road of separation from God through unrepentant disobedience, sin. Then sadly all the painful consequences of their self-seeking ways would bring them and us to where we are today.

Until God himself sent Jesus his son to display the image of who we were meant to be we were lost. God in bodily form provided a way of help to his lost creation to know him again. God’s dream of bringing good to the world he created could again be realized through his son, Jesus. Without Jesus coming to display the image of what we were created to be we would have never known the goodness God had planned for us. Through Jesus’ death he justified God’s help towards us dying as an innocent man in place of our guilt of violating the laws of life. Then Jesus rose from the dead to now lead us who follow him into a relationship with our creator to know and do good again.

A flood is coming to cleanse the filth away to discover the precious jewels God has been working on. This flood is a spiritual one that will manifest in a collapsing of man’s self made world systems of failure. These systems of deception and lies that oppose God and those found trusting and holding tight to them will fear drowning until they are pulled under. Through God’s grace and established justice evil will receive it’s reward and the just shall live by faith. Being a Christian in name alone will not keep you from drowning in this flood about to overtake the whole world but those who really believe will be saved.

The creator God loves you. Jesus God came to earth and died completely innocent so you through him could have the reality of knowing him and the goodness of life. The greatest happiness I have ever known and desire so much has been found in him.

Mark Balicki

Iron Mountain