Hunt is long overdue


It is truly unfortunate that the honest efforts of the NMU Earthkeepers II are so misguided and misdirected. They oppose the wolf hunt for spiritual reasons. We have all been exposed in the last several decades to the propaganda efforts of the UN in their attempt to substitute the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with the false atheistic god “mother earth.”

The progressives and socialists have made great inroads with this effort at all level of our education system. We have Earth Day to prove it. Socialism and Christianity cannot exist together.

The Earthkeepers oppose the wolf hunt on religious grounds. They make a false assumption that a wolf hunt will cause irreversible damage to nature and quote former Pope Benedict XVI several times in an attempt to show that the Pope also is against this kind of human activity. The Bible in Genesis 1:26 says that God gave man, “dominion over the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth”

That means that man has the God given right and directive to “manage” the wolf population. The quotes used by the Earthkeepers only confirm that the Pope was encouraging responsible use of God’s gifts. The hunt is long overdue. Most hunters will tell you that they believe the actual population of the wolves is underestimated to promote their favor among outdoorsman.

I agree because I personally have seen four while hunting the last few years along with a corresponding drop in deer sightings.

I remember an observer at the Marquette prison seeing a wolf kill one deer a day over a several week time span.

They also eat moose, foxes, coyotes, turkey, turkey and partridge eggs, and small rodents such as hare, beaver, muskrats, and birds. They may eat some berries, grass, and other vegetable and fruit matter. The wolf has no predator other than man and they have no fear of man in Michigan because of the years of protection.

Police in any small town will tell you of wolf sightings in the city limits while on patrol. They come into town to pick off the dumb domesticated deer and man’s pets. I fear that a child at a bus stop could be next if the wolf does not develop a healthy fear of man. A wolf hunt would do that. Farmers are also complaining about loss of livestock.

Stopping the professionally managed and limited hunting of wolves will only bring about an increased number of negative contacts between man and wolf producing more negative PR for the wolf.

If this issue gets on the ballot it will be decided by the city dwelling low outdoor information voter. The pictures of cute wolf pups presented by the anti-hunters will cause them to vote down the wolf hunt having a very negative impact on the balance of nature.

The Earthkeeper article quotes the Pope saying man shouldn’t “turn his back on the Creator’s plan.” I agree, but God did not intend to turn over the animals to the false god, mother earth, who will counter God’s plan of man having dominion over the animals.

That means to properly manage through hunting.

James Wilcheck

Iron Mountain