Meth lab in Kingsford

KINGSFORD – Authorities removed components for a methamphetamine lab from a Kingsford house Tuesday.

Kingsford Public Safety Department officers and Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team were called to 501 Sterling Street in Kingsford at approximately 7:30 a.m., officials said.

Hazardous materials were removed from the rental home

A neighbor, who didn’t want her name used, said police were at the house all day hauling items out of the house, and she believed that the house had a meth lab.

The Kingsford, Iron Mountain, Norway and Dickinson County Drug Investigation Unit (KIND) is investigating.

More information will be released later, officials said.


KINGSFORD – In a joint statement released today by the K.I.N.D. Drug Enforcement Team and the Dickinson County Prosecutor’s Office, it was announced that several arrests were made following an investigation into a portable methamphenamine lab at 501 Sterling Street in Kingsford.

During the early morning hours of March 12, 2013, Kingsford Public Safety Officers received a tip that there were individuals making methamphetamine at the Sterling Street address. Kingsford Public Safety officers, assisted by officers from the Iron Mountain Police Department, responded to the residence and received permission from the home owner to make entry. Upon entering the residence, officers smelled a strong odor that they suspected to be vapors or fumes associated with manufacturing methamphetamine.

There were several individuals inside of the residence who were evacuated without incident. One individual was transported to Dickinson County Memorial Hospital where she was evaluated and released. The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (UPSET) was called in to assist in the investigation and conduct the clean up.

During a search of the residence, officers discovered and seized a number of items and ingredients used in manufacturing methamphetamine, along with what is suspected to be the controlled substance, methamphetamine.

After the search was completed and several interviews were conducted, officers sought and obtained arrest warrants for Samantha Marie Matson, 21, of Vulcan, Nicole Janae Strutz, 30, of Iron Mountain, and Jennifer Lee LaCosse, 26, of Norway. All three women are charged with operating/maintaining a laboratory involving methamphetamine. LaCosse and Matson are also charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. LaCosse and Strutz are also charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. All three are felony offenses punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Strutz is also charged as a hourth habitual offender.

Preliminary examinations in all three cases are scheduled for March 27, 2013 beginning at 10 a.m. in the 95B District Court.

The investigation is being handled by the KIND drug enforcement team. Also assisting at the scene were the Kingsford Public Safety Fire Department, Kingsford Department of Public Works, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department and the Iron Mountain Police Department.