The true believers


Accord – if you look up the word accord in the dictionary to find the meaning, you will find it says,”to bring into agreement.” So, when we look up Acts 2:41-47, we see where 3,000 people where baptized.”

Now these new converts to Christ’s church were of “one accord,” the scriptures say in verse 46. That meant that they all “believed” the same things concerning Jesus. Jesus had just created his church, and it was in the infancy stage of gaining new converts. The new converts all believed what Jesus taught.

I wish it would be like that today.

Let’s put it this way, if we took a couple people from each of the following religions: Catholic, Luthern, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists, Church of God, Mormans, just to name a few. My question is this, would all these people be of one accord?

I can tell you one thing, I am 67 years old, I have been studying the Bible for the last 25 years. Not just the Bible, but early church history also.

I have gone to many different religions, and I can tell you from personal experience that all these people would not be of the same “accord.” Matter of fact, it would not even be close. They would find very little to say they agreed on.

Yes, they would all believe in Jesus, believe he died for our sins, but that is about all they would agree on. I want you all to think about this for a while, why would they not all believe the same thing?

We have one God, one Bible, why so many religions, and why so many different beliefs? I have been to Bible studies in my own town of Hermansville that I put on or attended others. It does not take long for disagreement to happen, not just disagreement but very, very, heated disagreement. With different religions in these meetings it did not take long for them to break up.

To me, this is a very sad situation for the church of Jesus Christ. If you think about it, the real question is, “how do you think God and Jesus feel about this?”

I will tell you this, God and Jesus both know why this is happening. They knew it would happen. They have told us and warned us in the Bible this would happen.

You see, we are told in the Bible that Lucifer who, was in Heaven with God and was God’s highest angel, would eventually be kicked out of Heaven and cast to the earth where both God and Jesus warned us that he would “deceive the whole world.”

Yes, Satan or the devil, which ever on you want to call him is here on Earth to deceive everyone. Now, God said that, not me, and I believe him. Satan is the reason for the different religions not being in “accord.”

Now, all these different religions I have listed all believe in Jesus Christ, all believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. The main difference in all these religions is that they do not believe in what Jesus taught. They do not believe in the “doctrines” that Jesus laid out for his church.

Satan uses “counterfeit” teachings in religions. Counterfeit teachings are teachings that are made to pass for the “genuine” teachings of Jesus’s church. A lot of people say, oh that person belongs to that religion, and different friend of mine belongs to a different religion yet.

What is the difference? Does it matter?

We all believe in Jesus, is it that important? We will still all be in Heaven, wouldn’t we? What matters is truth. Jesus said the true worshippers will worship in “Spirit and in Truth.”

Read the verses in 2 Thessalonians 2:10, it says “them that perish because they refuse to love the truth that they might be saved.”

Paul is telling us that there will be those who will refuse to believe the truth. The truth will only be found in the Bible, not in religious doctrines that are not founded in the Bible.

I know, I have heard it before, every one in the above religions I listed will say, my religion is not wrong, the others are wrong.

Oh, really? Can your beliefs stand the test of the Bible?

In my next article I am going to cover all of Jesus’s doctrines that he gave his new church. In the mean time, give this article some thought, especially the one about, why so many religions when we have one God, and one Bible.

God is the authority in which we believe. But there is someone, Satan, who wants to destroy that authority. That is why in the Bible it says, Satan is at “war against God and the true believers of Christ’s church.”

Allan Peterson