‘The Passion’ play featuring Doug Barry comes to Escanaba

ESCANABA – “The Passion of Christ,” a one man stage performance by Doug Barry, will thrill and touch everyone that attends on Saturday, March 23, at 6:30 p.m. in the Holy Name School gymnasium in?Escanaba.

Tickets can be purchased at Holy Name School or by calling Holy Family Parish at 786-1209. Ticket cost is $10.

From the epitome of pain and agony to the world’s most amazing act of love, “The Passion” takes you on an emotional journey through the most pivotal moment in history. It is a brilliant and gripping story that demonstrates not only the depth and power of God’s love, but His ability to transform a symbol of death the cross into a symbol of everlasting hope and life.

“My husband and I watched it and cried all of the way through it. I think everyone should see this especially teenagers,” said Lauretta Sesock.

“My children were profoundly touched by these dynamic artists,” said Catherine Lamb.

The performance of the Passion by Doug Barry and music performance by Eric Genius is one of the most dramatic and earthshaking presentations on the Passion of Jesus Christ ever seen.

The play is a powerful drama from the birth of our Lord to the crucification and death.

“The power of this performance has literally reduced thousands of people to tears,” said a spokesperson. “Take the time to come and watch this performance on March 23, and hear the great joy and inspiration that Doug Barry and Eric Genius undertake by telling the greatest story in history.”