Take a stand


By now we have all heard the governor wants to raise the amount we pay to register each licensed vehicle in the state by $120 a year.

Added to of this he would also like to increase the gas tax from 19 center per gallon to 33 cents per gallon for road improvements.

I can agree with the need to fix the roads in this state. The question is how fast do we want to drive out the citizens of the state of Michigan.

With the cost of gas in Iron Mountain-Kingsford being higher than the surrounding area and the cost of our great “No Fault Insurance” it will cause hard working folks to look for jobs in other states.

Let’s use Wisconsin as an example. If I were to move and live in that state my insurance cost would be about one third of what I’m paying in Michigan. Let me make this clear, I do not have any tickets or accidents. I could afford to buy a home across the border and make the first three payments each year on a home with the cost savings.

I believe it’s time for our elected officials to take a stand (if they have a backbone) and end this crushing cost to the people of Michigan.

Let’s see if any of them (our elected officials) would comment in this newspaper as to what they are going to do about the insurance problem.

Well, Mr. McBroom and Mr. Casperson, are you going to put a bill in to eliminate No Fault Insurance? I encourage others to contact their legislators and demand the changes needed for the people of Michigan.

Rod Bennetts