Nine months in jail for Kingsford woman


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A Kingsford woman was sentenced to nine months in the Dickinson County Correctional Facility for possessing contraband while incarcerated.

Attorney Michael Scholke of Iron Mountain said his client, Stacey Marie Hupp, 27, has had issues with drugs and alcohol.

“She wants to get some help and put this behind her,” he said.

“She is young enough to turn her life around and realizes she is at the end of the road and needs to make better choices,” Scholke said.

Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards said Hupp has been using drugs for six years and has been using methamphetamine daily. She added Hupp had her parental rights terminated for her drug use.

“She smuggled drugs into the jail in her body,” Richards said. “On top of that, she gave corrections staff a horrendous time to get her to the hospital.”

Richards added Hupp should take the opportunity to be rehabilitated or end up in and out of prison or jail.

Hupp said she wants to change.

Judge Mary B. Barglind said Hupp has a severe addiction and even acknowledged it in court on Tuesday.

“You clearly have a severe problem when you go to extremes and also had your parental rights taken away,” she said. “The inability and lack of motivation to get yourself clean for yourself and your children spells clearly the severity of your problem.”

Judge Barglind said Hupp needs to get clean or the alternative is prison or death.

“You already lost your (parental) rights. I can’t think of anything worse than that,” she said.

Hupp was sentenced to one year, six months probation and nine months in the county jail with day for day credit up to 90 days for an inpatient program.

On Nov. 29, 2012, she brought contraband into the jail.

According to the felony complaint, due to suspicious behavior in the detox cell, Hupp was strip searched. She admitted to an investigating officer and in court to bringing sleeping pills and marijuana into the jail.

Hupp also received 93 days in jail for retail fraud, third degree. Restitution in that case will be paid to JCPenney.

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