Nation can’t sustain this


Our President is not very presidential.

When Obama decided to run for the office of president of the United States he forgot one very critical fact. The position requires “representation” for everyone. But rather than working with both sides on issues he continues to hound and bully half of the country.

He has his supporters brainwashed. The average income in America is less than $50,000, the federal government spends as much as $60,000 per poor household. He is bribing the American people. The country cannot sustain this.

I am a firm supporter of helping those in need but I think it should be done locally. The federal government is wasting far too much money on the undeserving just trying to capture every single “deserving” individual.

On top of his bribery he is working diligently to add 11 million voters to the U.S. by granting citizenship to illegal aliens, but says they must go to the back of the line. He does not mention any form of deportation. That is where the back of the line would be outside the country.

He is flat out lying to us all. It is impractical at this point to try and deport 11 million illegal immigrants but if you can’t get rid of them all at least get rid of the ones with convictions. They have already proven they don’t have respect for this country so get rid of them.

I’m not even going to split hairs on what type of convictions, because a typical American does not get arrested. Any arrest and conviction of a non-citizen should be an automatic deportation.

This Obama-nation releases them from prison under the excuse of a sequester. He is lying to you. This sequester no matter who dreamt it up is not a cut to the budget. It is a 2.7 percent reduction in projected spending growth.

If you cannot keep planes in the air, the military working, teachers employed and prisoners in jail with the remaining 97.3 percent increase you are a lousy business manager.

An ambassador of the United States of America was recently murdered. Murdered, and we did absolutely nothing about it. Oh wait we are doing something; we are still sending billions of dollars to that country in aid, as well as several other countries that continue to defy and threaten the United States.

He ignores an act of war, the murder of a U.S. ambassador, and instead rewards the country by sending our tax dollars as aid.

Obama complains about the debt left by the former president but this is a ruse. He is spending every dime of increased taxes and overinflated budget. The current debt is rising at exactly the same dollar amount that the budget exceeds our country’s revenue, so obviously he is not using any money to pay previous debt he is merely rolling it over.

If any one of these actions were to happen under any other president people would be on roof tops crying for impeachment but not this guy. I am completely puzzled.

It would be great if everyone could get free money, but facts are someone has to work to generate income to afford these programs. Drug dealers qualify for welfare because all of the money they generate is under the table. Thousands of inmates currently draw government entitlements because there is no current method to stop payments upon arrest or conviction. If we do not change the way we do business we won’t have to worry about who the next president will be because the country will not exist. Wake up America or you had better start learning to speak Chinese.

Jeff Gurchinoff