Kingsford family wins $1,000 in drawing


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A Kingsford family was pleasantly surprised when they received a phone call informing them they had won a nationwide drawing.

The prize: $1,000 to spend at Home Depot.

Pete and Linda Rundell entered into the drawing at the Dickinson County Fair last year and had all but forgotten about it when the call came.

The drawing was sponsored by Forever Fire Safety, a fire safety company focused on educating families about fires and fire safety in the home. The company does educational programs for schools, churches, civic groups, fire departments and individual families across the country.

Forever Fire Safety independent dealer Landen Leslie covers the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin for the company.

Leslie was happy to call and deliver the good news and said he was grateful it went to such a nice family.

For Pete and Linda Rundell the news couldn’t have come at a better time. They had no trouble deciding how to spend at least some of their winnings.

“We found out just as our washer was on the brink,” Linda said. “It was just perfect timing.”

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