UW-Extension resources help businesses address concerns of employed family caregivers

Florence, Wis- One in every five workers balances family caregiving responsibilities with a job outside the home, according to recent reports. Growing numbers of working caregivers are having an impact not only on caregivers, but also on the workplace.

The cost of informal, or family, caregiving in terms of lost productivity to U.S. businesses ranges from $17 billion to $33 billion annually, reflecting absenteeism, shifts from full-time to part-time; replacing employees; and workday adjustments.

To help meet the needs of both employers and workers, UW-Extension has developed the “Employed Family Caregiver Survey”-a confidential, web-based program that provides information to help employers define the scope and needs of their caregiving employees. It also provides recommendations for employers to consider implementing in the workplace.

The Employed Family Caregiver survey, including instructions on how to use it, is available to employers through the national Cooperative Extension website at

In addition to the survey, UW-Extension provides a variety of multimedia resources with information on “Balancing Work and Family Care of Older Persons” at

To learn more, contact the Florence County Extension office.