Serious economic trouble


The median income of Iron Mountain-Kingsford is only $23,000 and yet we pay one of the highest property tax rates in the state of Michigan.

What is wrong with this picture? Now our political leaders want more money. Where is it going to come from? Many of the residents are retired on fixed income, many others are making minimum wage, still others are on some form of government assistance. You can’t get water from a rock. Now with gas pushing the $4 mark again something has got to give.

Small local businesses are struggling just to keep their doors open.

Any time we get ahead, tax time comes along and there go our profits. I’m am willing to bet many small business owners haven’t taken an income payout in quite some time.

Considering business owners who own their establishments pay a higher property tax rate, any increase in property taxes will add burden to their overhead. Yet, the local municipalities give tax abatement to big stores. How is this fair?

There are only two ways to fix this. Firstly, tighten your belts, we all have had to it since the turn down, why shouldn’t you?

Take a pay cut, cut back on benefits, and eliminate unnecessary programs. Ms. Dianne Strand says, “she cried after the last bond proposal was defeated.”

I cry for all those who struggle to pay their bills or can’t find enough to eat.

The administrators and public unions need to come back to reality, this isn’t the 1960s or 70s or even 90s.

These fat taxpayer-funded public paychecks need to come to an end. If you want the big bucks then move to a bigger city. Our little town can no longer afford downstate wages. We can’t keep playing “keep up with the next door neighbor.”

Do we want to be the next Detroit?

Secondly, we, in Iron Mountain, and Kingsford are in very serious economic trouble.

I am talking about jobs. I mean real jobs, career jobs, good paying jobs.

I don’t mean the minimum wage jobs, or the small entrepreneur killing jobs that we get from large retail box chains.

We need manufacturing, heavy industry, or electronics jobs. Without that, we can kiss the U.P. good bye. Service jobs, tourism jobs, retail jobs just don’t cut it in today’s world. Without well paying jobs, Iron Mountain and Kingsford will look like an abandoned western mining town.

If you want more money then you must increase your tax base.

Until we have more or higher income tax payers, elected politicians must cut government size and cost. Meanwhile, no more taxes means no more taxes.

Mark Wiederrecht

Iron Mountain