Loving the unlikeable

Fr. Joseph O. Gouin


American Martyrs Church


A peanuts cartoon shows Charlie Brown warning Snoopy not to go near Lucy’s house. “She’s having a “Crab-In today”, say Charlie. Instead of heeding Charlie’s warning, Snoopy goes straight to Lucy’s house and knocks at the door. When the unhappy Lucy appears, Snoopy gives her a great big kiss. Then he trots off, saying to himself, “That’s how you break up a “crab-in”.

Jesus makes the same point several times in the Gospels. The surest way to put joy into someone’s life is to put love into it. Nobody needs love more than someone who doesn’t seem to deserve it. If we wait for people to become lovable or likeable before we try to love them, we will wait forever. It is precisely in being loved that we become lovable.

In family living, we all have our “bad days”. We don’t feel well. We are worried about something that we don’t feel we can discuss with anyone. Or maybe it’s the weather. For the same reason, people we live with or work with are having a bad day. Perhaps we could follow Snoopy’s example and show them an act of love. It might break up their “crab-In” day.

God Bless.

Fr. Joe