Don’t be fooled


The Humane Society of the United States is currently circulating petitions that are intended to circumvent legislative action which placed wolves on the list of game animals in Michigan.

Do not be fooled into signing a petition. First of all, this is an action by a national organization to control Michigan policy.

HSUS is not what most people think it is. HSUS does not operate your local animal shelter nor do they contribute to what your local groups accomplish.

HSUS has millions of dollars which it receives by deceiving you. It spends very little on animal welfare and a great deal to the people who run the organization and millions more to sue governments and to actively pursue activities to disrupt policy.

Americans by nature are a generous and giving people. It is this very nature that devious groups like HSUS rely on to dupe individuals and get their money.

HSUS does not operate animal shelters or look out for their welfare. The fact is that they have euthanized animals and deposited the bodies in dumps and garbage cans. That is the way they “care” for animals.

Their present director is a professional in this field. He comes to HSUS from the Defenders of Wildlife, a somewhat radical environmental group. Many of those circulation petitions are not volunteers but in fact are being paid by a deep-pocketed organization.

The HSUS would like you to believe that a wolf is a very intelligent, almost human animal who spends its time seeking out the sick and weak individuals in their prey groups and actively seek to balance the populations of their prey. Truth is wolves are predators. They are carnivores. They eat meat and are not particular where the meal comes from.

They are opportunistic feeders and will kill for pleasure and to instruct their young in the art. They are territorial pack animals with a strong sense of dominance in protecting their turf.

Dogs and pets who cross their path are attacked and destroyed. Cattle, sheep and other domestic stock are easy victims and are preyed on commonly. Wolves carry many diseases including rabies, mange, and internal and external parasites and diseases which can be passed to other animals and in some cases humans. There are those who glamorize wolves who know little about the true nature of the animal.

The fact is that wolves are at the top of the food chain in their ecosystem and other than humans there are no controls to the population. Without population control they will destroy their food sources and move on to other sources of food be it your pet, your domestic animals, and maybe you.

The HSUS would have you believe that this effort to control wolf populations is a trophy hunt. This is blatantly untrue. The state of Michigan will not be wide open for wolf hunting and trapping. Michigan has a good wolf management plan which is being updated as this is being written.

The seven to eight hundred wolves are not evenly distributed in the state and the only areas that will be targeted will be those with oversized populations with histories of wolf-human conflict. If you live in an area without wolves or very few it may be hard to understand that control is necessary, but don’t let your lack of knowledge guide you.

HSUS and their allies are not telling it like it is.

Let the Michigan Department of Natural Resources manage all wildlife with sound scientific management. Let them and not some out of state group with a radical agenda influence you. Don’t sign their petition and let the professionals manage Michigan’s resources.

Tony Demboski


President, UPSA