Bank issues debit card fraud warning

IRON MOUNTAIN – First National Bank & Trust has noticed a substantial increase in fraudulent transactions specifically targeting debit cards in the past few months.

Investigation identified this issue as a wide-spread problem affecting many of the financial institutions in the area.

The FDIC institution takes all such threats seriously.

“We want to assure all of our customers that the computer and information systems at First National Bank & Trust have not been breached,” bank officials said.

While the exact source of the current compromise is not definitely known at this time, the First National Bank & Trust has taken specific steps to pro-actively help ensure customers are protected until the source of the compromise can be identified and eradicated.

“Additionally, we understand that VISA Fraud Control and Investigations is initiating a preliminary investigation into this matter to help identify the source of the problem,” bank officials said.

First National Bank & Trust continues to diligently work with merchants, processors, other area financial institutions, and law enforcement to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

“We take the trust our customers have placed in us to safeguard the integrity of their personal information very seriously and will take whatever action is necessary to preserve the trust,” officials said. “We urge you to monitor your bank accounts closely and immediately notify your financial institution if you identify any activity that seems out of the ordinary.”

Customers from other local banking institutions have reported the same type of fraud activity on their debit cards.