Rob The Drummer Video

FELCH – Elementary students in the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District were entertained this week by a nationally recognized children’s motivational “edu-tainment” character.

Robert Gottfried, better known as “Rob the Drummer” presented an anti-bullying program to K-6 students at North Dickinson County School on Tuesday.

“These are my drums and my way of speaking to you,” said Gottfried, who presented his program in his bare feet.

Gottfried said when he is playing the drums, he feels he can be five different people at once. This is because he was using his senses.

“I think it’s rather interesting,” he said. “If you want to be good at anything – drums, any musical instrument, sports – you have to practice.”

Gottfried talked to the students about bullying, cyber bullying and illegal drugs and alcohol.