Standard of care


I went to Iron Mountain High School with Jerry Zacks. Jerry became a physician specializing in cardiology, practicing in New York City.

Jerry has become frustrated with insurance companies that refuse to grant approval for treatments that his medical expertise determines that his patients need. He feels that something must be done to hold insurance company physicians accountable for the decisions they make.

As a Registered Nurse, I was taught early on that if my patient suffered a poor outcome, I must be prepared to show that my actions were those that would have been taken by any reasonable and prudent nurse in that situation. Physicians must also be prepared to meet the standard for physicians.

That does not necessarily mean that there is only one right answer, just that the decision must make sense to others in the same profession.

Every physician is held to this standard. Every one, that is, except those who work for insurance companies.

We think that a physician who works for an insurance company, deciding who gets treatment, should meet the same standard of care as a physician who actually treats the patient in direct care. Why should they not be held accountable for their actions?

If you agree with me and Jerry, please go online to Standard of Care for Physicians, and sign Jerry’s petition. If you do not have a computer, they are available at the library, and someone will help you.

Lola Johnson