A few words about letters

We get letters, lots of letters.

We get letters about abortion, letters about guns, letters about law enforcement issues, and letters about religion.

We get letters about taxes, letters about politics, letters about world events, and letters about social events.

Isn’t America great?

How refreshing it is to share thoughts and ideas with friends and neighbors.

Letters to the Editor are a time-honored tradition of a community newspaper. It is a service we deliver with great pride.

The Daily News has one of the most relaxed Letters to the Editor policies around. We encourage area residents discuss just about any issue they please as long as their letter is not libelous. It is your opinion, so it should be your choice of topic.

We believe that these letters help keep our country great.

The current political situation in America has prompted many letters lately.

That’s a good thing. Open discussion is the basis of our democracy. Political opinions ought to be debated and hashed out in public.

It’s the best way to resolve issues, and move our country in the right direction.

A problem arises when a few letter-writers want to dominate the conversation. They send in letter, after letter, after letter. They want them all in right away.

Hold on, friend.

Your opinion is important, but we cannot dismiss the opinions of others. Everyone has opinions, and everyone has a right to express them.

We are not trying to restrict opinions. If we did not want your opinion, why would we encourage Letters to the Editor?

We merely want everyone to take their turn.

To those individuals who write frequently, we ask them to show some restraint. Allow others to “speak,” and limit yourself to one letter per month.

We’re happy to receive letters, but we cannot allow one or two people to dominate the Opinion page. We want opinions from everyone.

To help, we encourage local letter-writers to take their time with their letters. Think them through. Ponder all the issues. Then, put pen to paper – or fingertips to the keyboard.

Your letter will be more complete, and there will be less need for another letter in a couple of days.

To help speed the process along, we ask that each letter include: the writer’s full name, address and phone number where the writer can be reached during the day.

It should be noted here that we do not include phone numbers when we publish the letter unless specifically requested by the author of the letter.

Also, out of respect to others, we ask that area residents keep their letters short and to the point.

This allows us to publish more letters, and studies have shown that concise letters have a much greater impact than long-winded ramblings.

We also ask area residents to remember that we do not publish letters or Speak Outs within a week of an election. We received a few last-minute letters and Speak Outs concerning today’s election that we were unable to publish because they were received within that one-week time period.

This week layoff allows opposing sides in an election to cool down before the big day. We allow plenty of opportunity prior to elections for letter-writers to discuss the issues. We encourage your thoughts and ideas.

Please keep your letters coming.

Send your letters to:

The Daily News

Letters to the Editor

P.O. Box 460

Iron Mountain MI 49801

You may also e-mail your letter to news@ironmountaindailynews.com.