We need to take a ‘memory break’

Fr. Joseph O. Gouin


American Martyrs Church, Kingsford

I recently read about a hospital doctor who used to prescribe “memory breaks” for his patients. Before leaving a room, he’d say, “I’ve one more important prescription for you. I want you to take a “memory break”; One at ten o’clock and one at four o’clock. Close your eyes. Relax your body. Then recall three happy times from your past. Spend as much time as you can reliving each happy event.”

The good doctor knew what he was doing. “Memory breaks” are healing experiences. Some of us might be tired of winter. We can spend a few minutes thinking of some of the wonderful times we had last summer. We might even think of some of the fresh vegetables we gathered from the garden. Right now, I am thinking of the fresh corn and ripe tomatoes. Also, we might think of an especially good time we had with someone in the past who has recently disappointed us for some reason. Perhaps we will need several “memory breaks” for a particular person.

In our relationship with God, we need to take a “memory break” when God doesn’t seem to answer our prayers or seems distant. Someone has said, “God gives us memory so that we can have roses in February!”

God Bless…