So greedy and corrupt


Don’t be fooled.

What has been will be, and, what will be has been before. Obama is holding out a carrot to increase the minimum wage to $9. The unions have been increasing wages for years. And, what are the results? The IRS knows – and so does President Obama.

All it really does is cause you and I to pay more/higher taxes – and – everything you can buy then, also goes up in price. You then purchase more foreign made products because you cannot afford to buy the very things you worked to make. Because we don’t purchase what we’ve produced, our employers must lay off some of us and/or move their businesses overseas – but Obama gets more taxes from you and I to pay for his ObamaCare, etc.

When you work 40 hours at $9 at hour the government will take $2 for every hour or $80 per week.

Do you realize Obama’s 50 percent approval rating is from the same persons that put him in office again. They are the ones who are sitting around with their hands out for Obama’s give-away programs. They are not the ones who truly worked for any of the government programs they are getting.

Those who made America the land of the free and the home of the brave are now in the minority. How can God bless America when we, as a nation, are so greedy and corrupt?

William Dixon