Conspiracy going on


Since the recent Presidential election I have been watching the current events closely. I was born in 1945, and I can say that this country is in decline. America’s best days are behind us. I am saddened by this fact because I love my country, and can’t stand to see what this current Democratic Party is doing.

But they have help in destroying this country by the liberal and Democratically slanted and biased media. I am talking about NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and especially MSNBC.

The only reason Obama won this last election is because of the biased media in favor of the Democrats.

This media will do nothing, and say nothing negative about this president.

There is a conspiracy going on in Washington. It is all about destroying our Constitution, our Christian heritage, and our way of life. The media did everything in there power every day to discredit and ruin Mitt Romney. Look at what the media just did with Marco Rubio and his speech.

All he did is take a drink of water and they are out to destroy him. Wolf Blitzer said on CNN, his career is over. The media is not just out to destroy him, but the whole Republican party. We have record debt from this current president in his first four years, still high unemployment, rampant crime, spending waste, and the Middle East burning down.

This president is sending 20 new fighter jets, and 200 tanks to Egypt, who is run now by Muslim extremists.

He has no intention of doing anything to stop Iran from getting the atomic bomb either. We have the homosexual takeover of America, which is against God and the Bible. God has said in the Bible homosexuals will never enter Heaven.

Homosexuals are an abomination to God and will be destroyed. They used to be “in the closet,” now they march on our country, and don’t dare say anything against them. If you do, you are termed evil.

There is a bill out now that is going to be introduced that if you home school your children, you can’t teach that homosexuality is wrong. You will be arrested if you do.

People, Sodom and Gomorrah where both destroyed by God because of homosexuality. God will not let us go on much further if we do not repent, and turn from this sin.

Every great world ruling power in history has fallen and America will fall also if we do not repent and turn from the evil of homosexuality.

We have rampant crime, murders, school shootings, increasingly growing bad weather patterns, record failing marriages, out of wedlock babies being brought into this world, and on and on.

This is God speaking to us, and we better listen. We have too many “real Christians” who are silent on these matters because they are afraid to speak up for the innocent. I am shocked at polls that say that the majority of Americans favor same sex marriage and homosexuality. That is shameful.

I said before the election, people, please read Obama’s two books. His father was from Kenya, and he was a Muslim. His father hated whites for their treatment of black slaves. He hated the British for their treatment of blacks in Africa. He hates whites, and wanted to see them put down.

Obama spent 20 years in a church listening to a hateful pastor preach hate and deliverance from white suppression. Now this president is in favor of same sex marriage, and homosexuals, and he calls himself a “Christian.” I do not think so. Look at how we can’t have prayer in schools, we can’t have the Nativity scene, we can’t have the Ten Commandments up. He also hates Israel, and it does not take a rocket scientist to know why.

For all you “real Christians” start praying for God to help us turn this country around. Satan is destroying this country thru the socialist agenda of our current administration. If you do not think Satan has this power you better look in the Book of Job, and read how Satan was given the power to kill, and destroy.

Jesus said, “Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.”

Open your eyes, you can see it everywhere.

Allan Peterson