Unstable society


Recently I was talking to local law enforcement about the incident at the Pine Mountain Ski Jumps involving the attempted stabbing of a sheriff’s deputy. He stated to me that people are acting really different. To be forthright, it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

When you have an unstable society that almost experienced the second Great Depression, and still the economy is facing a possible Armageddon as many economists predict unless something is done about the national debt, a society who’s morals and values are constantly changing, (legalized gay marriage and marijuana being two examples), you are going to have people of the same nature of that society.

It is a fact that people tend to become a part of their environment.

If you are going to have an unstable society, you are going to have unstable people. It’s one plus one common sense.

Unfortunately, there may be darker days ahead for us. However, for the record, no one hopes I am more wrong about this than myself.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain