Get in the game


For too many years, Michigan residents have been suffering due to “better ideas” by our lawmakers in Lansing. Let me give you a few examples.

Automobile insurance rates in Michigan are among the highest in the nation. Only Louisiana and Oklahoma are higher, but they are located in flood and tornado prone areas. Michigan rates are about double what Wisconsin residents pay.

Michigan residents pay among the highest rates in the country for health insurance. To make matters worse, Upper Peninsula residents pay the highest rates for health insurance in Michigan. This doesn’t say much for our perceived “healthy life style” or our “low cost of living.”

Our roads in Michigan are among the worst in the country; so bad that Dickinson County residents now pay an additional property tax millage to help fund road repairs. Meanwhile, Michigan lawmakers continue to allow the heaviest truck weights in the nation (of all 50 states) resulting in premature destruction of our roads, while the taxpayers continue to pay the repair bill.

While many of us are still waiting to see some real leadership in Washington D.C., shouldn’t we also expect some leadership in our own districts and state?

Perhaps it is time for our legislators to look beyond our borders and find solutions that actually work in other states.

Come on Representative McBroom, Senator Casperson, and Governor Snyder; get in the game. Let’s get something done to stop the raid on the wallets of the average Michigan family. Progress on any of these issues would help nearly all Michigan residents and not just a chosen few.

Darryl K. Wickman