Academic spirit week planned for Kingsford High School students


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KINGSFORD – A spirit week devoted to academics is being planned at Kingsford High School for the first time beginning on Monday, Feb. 25 and concluding on Friday, March 1 with a pep rally.

“It is similar to Homecoming Week for athletics, except this is for academics. We want to get participation from every student with something different every day of the week,” said Terese Fornetti of the Kingsford High School Academic Booster Club.

By being part of the activities, students get entered into the daily drawings with the winners selected on Friday during the pep rally.

“These are activities that everyone can participate in. We encourage collaboration among the students as well as using different resources to find the answers to the activity for that particular academic day. We want the kids to talk about these questions and think about academics all week in a fun way,” Fornetti added.

The week-long activities are being sponsored by the KHS Academic Booster Club.

History Day starts out the week on Monday during the morning with students getting an inventory of questions relating to both KHS and the world. During seventh hour, the inventories will be corrected and any students getting an 80 percent or better will get a ticket to be entered in the Monday drawing.

In addition, every student that wears sunglasses on Monday will get a lanyard and badge holder in the their first hour class to participate in the week’s drawings. Lanyards must be worn all week, organizers said.

On Tuesday, the focus is on language arts with double tickets given for that day’s drawing.

Students wearing a T-shirt with a phrase on it will have the chance to get their first ticket of the day. They will be given a card to wear in their lanyard badge to write down five T-shirts they have read and the five people wearing these shirts during the day. Cards are handed in during seventh hour on Tuesday.

A second ticket can be earned on Tuesday by writing their favorite quote and author on a second card they get in the morning. When they show this second card to their English teacher, they can get the second ticket.

Fornetti noted that the T-shirts worn by the students on Tuesday have to meet the school dress code.

Math and Equation Day is planned for Wednesday with students getting a card with an equation on it during first hour. The students must identify the equation and it initialed by a math or science teacher sometime during the day. The equation must also be worn in the lanyards during the day and will earn them another ticket for the Wednesday drawings.

Thursday, which is Mind and Body Day, will also give students a chance to get two tickets. The students will get an exercise card during first hour and each hour will start the class period with exercise led by the teacher or a student. Teachers will then initial the cards for the students that hour.

Students that participate in exercise during five hours get one ticket and if they are involved in the activity for seven hours, they will earn an additional ticket. Teachers in seventh hour will also hand out the tickets to the students.

Fine Arts Day is the final KHS Academic Spirit Week activity on Friday with students getting an answer sheet to identify eight different artists, artwork or composers during their first hour class. These fine arts will be shown at the beginning of each hour for the students to view and during fifth hour, students with the correct sheets will be given tickets.

The week culminates with a Pep Rally on Friday pitting students against teachers in the various academic areas. There will be a history timeline, math equation matching, academic obstacle course and words with friends activities for them to compete against each other.

During the pep rally, the drawings for each day of the week will be held – a total of five tickets for each day. Students have the opportunity to win an iPod each day as well as $50, two $20 prizes or a $10 cash prize.

At the pep rally, Fornetti said, Dairy Queen has donated Dilly Bars for everyone to celebrate KHS Academic Spirit Week.

“We are hoping that this week, like other spirit weeks, will get the kids excited about academics. The club wants to encourage students to talk about different academic areas and build some enthusiasm for them during the week. The end result is that it’s a fun week with chances to win 25 different prizes,” Fornetti said.

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