Take notice of the shelter


Animal lovers: If you are contemplating getting a new pet, please be sure to check out the animals in our beautiful facility at the Almost Home Animal Shelter in Quinnesec.

There are some really great pets waiting to be adopted. Yes, it costs $100, but you get an $85 coupon toward having your animal spade or neutered. The cost keeps people from taking animals they cannot afford to care for, helps the shelter take care of their bills and ensures that these pets will not procreate.

The shelter has many needs.

The lights and heat need to stay on, the animals need to be fed, cleaning supplies are a must, to name but a few.

While I was visiting there the other day, two adult boxers were adopted out, a beautiful quiet beagle got to go home with two little boys, two puppies from another over-loaded shelter were adopted out, and a 6-month-old black lab as well. The lady working there was so happy. It had been a good day.

Since I was there the last of the puppies was also adopted.

Many people are beginning to take notice of the shelter. The staff is keeping it as clean as they can. Help is needed to walk the dogs (must be at least 18), clean kennels and feed and water the animals. The animals do also need individual attention.

There is a beautiful white and golden Red English Setter waiting for a home, a beautiful 6-year-old lab and blue tic mix. He knows several commands and is quiet and loving.

The cats and kittens need homes, too. Their needs are different from dogs.

They need someone to hold and pet them. The shelter needs help with changing the litter, but most of all, these animals need homes. We humans need to learn to neuter and spay our animals so we are not overloaded with unwanted cats and dogs.

It is very hard for the people who work in these places to have to put these animals down. Shelters jockey the animals from one shelter to another, sometimes in hope of finding homes instead of killing the animals. Sometimes animals are rescued from high kill shelters.

Stop in and look around. The people who work there are very dedicated, but they could sure use some help.

Over the winter the cement heaved where the dogs would normally run and the door won’t open to the fenced-in yard. Perhaps someone with the right tools could volunteer to fix the problem. It would greatly help to have the area available to exercise the dogs.

You can see pictures of some of the available animals by going online. Just type in, “Almost Home Animal Shelter” and take a look.

Don’t forget to check out the wish list for the shelter.

They are open every afternoon except Monday.

With enough help, perhaps the shelter could be open longer hours and that would mean more adoptions.

Please consider adopting a pet from the shelter.

If your pet is missing, please call to make sure someone has not turned it in to the shelter.

Yvonne Peterson

Iron Mountain