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As students of Iron Mountain Public Schools, we see very clearly every day that our school needs improvement. The heating system is very inconsistent, the technology infrastructure is outdated and not reliable, and a lot of the building needs to be renovated. The bond proposal we are asking for is not a want or something that can be postponed. Our school is in desperate need of change if we want to keep our students well educated and ready to succeed.

One of the most important parts of the bond proposal is the new heating system. As students, the inconsistent heating is a real issue. It is very hard to learn when the temperature is either scorching hot or freezing cold. Also, a new heating system would save the district around $150,000 per year due to increased efficiency and fewer repairs.

Another important part of the bond proposal covers renovations that need to be done. Some very good examples are the auditorium, the gym locker rooms and the classrooms. It is obvious to anyone who sees the auditorium that the chairs need to be replaced and the flooring needs to be repaired. In the gym locker rooms, the lockers and showers are rusted. The rust is deteriorating the metal, and it is also unsanitary. Also, the classrooms need to be renovated.

The space is not utilized very efficiently. The old carpeting, chipped paint, and windows all need to be replaced. The renovations required to fix these issues are necessary to make our school comfortable not only for our students, but for visitors to Iron Mountain High School as well.

The bond proposal also includes reformation of the school’s technology infrastructure. In modern-day education, technology is a major part of learning. At Iron Mountain High School, our technology resources are below average. Our infrastructure needs to be reformed to allow for greater usage and faster speeds.

Computers often take anywhere from five to ten minutes just to start up, and it is not uncommon for computers to randomly freeze or just stop working altogether. Better technology will allow students to learn more efficiently and make it easier for teachers to trust that they can use the computer labs for activities in their classes.

The final issue the bond would address is the school’s security system. Many of the security cameras do not function properly, the fire alarm system is outdated and there is poor lighting around the outside of the building. A new security system will help keep students safe in case disaster strikes. It is important to keep our school a safe place for everyone, and with improved safety systems, we can make sure everyone who enters our school is safe.

As students of Iron Mountain High School, we ask that this bond proposal be passed. We are in dire need of improvements throughout our school to make the education received at Iron Mountain top notch.

Please help us keep Iron Mountain Public Schools the place to succeed.


Nick Brule

Iron Mountain


Youth in Government

Iron Mountain

High School