Giving encouragement

Fr. Joseph O. Gouin


American Martyrs Church


When we read the scriptures, we can’t help noticing how often Jesus gives praise and encouragement to people. He seems to be always looking for the good in people. On one occasion, he said to a young man, “you are not far from the reign of God.”

I suppose we all strive for acceptance in our lives, scurrying to please our family and friends. How often do we stop to realize though, that the only acceptance I really need is that of our God?

None of us is far from the reign of God if we only take the time to remember that it is Jesus and his example we should be accepting in our lives. While the praise and acceptance of others is important to us, the Lord’s acceptance of us is our ultimate goal. So, it is most important that we are aware of the encouragement that Jesus wants to give us as we daily try to serve Him. Remember, you are not far from the reign of God.

God Bless…