Find the love of Jesus


We at Northern Pines Community Church are now into our 12th year of service to the community’s of Beecher, Dunbar, Pembine and Amberg. We believe Jesus is to be put first in all things. We do differ from most church’s in believing Jesus died for all mankind. We also believe that every person can be saved, white, black, gay or straight.

Because of our belief that the Church of God is open to all, we have experienced the hate practiced by those that say “God hates gays.”

This hate has come in many forms. From exclusion from the church community, to a noose with a toy man hung over the cross on our church sign. Now a group of people running a food pantry has started asking people if they belong to NPC Church. Why? What next? Will they not let them come for food?

Why spend the time hating when we should be about the master’s work.

We invite you as editor, and the community at large, to come and see who we are. Find out what we believe. Come and find the love of Jesus. Then make up your mind, are we of God? Do you want to hate us? My hope is you will see Jesus and his love in us.

For information, call Rev. Leonard Newlin at 715-324-5673.

In the name of Jesus

Pastor Newlin

Pembine, Wis.