Kingsford schools lockdown

KINGSFORD – A K-9 search at 1:20 p.m. Friday at Kingsford High School and Kingsford Middle Schools resulting in no hits in the school buildings and one positive hit in the west parking lot, Supt. Craig Allen reported.

The search was of the lockers, locker rooms and parking lots of both buildings conducted by the Marinette County Sheriff Department K-9 Unit in cooperation with Kingsford Public Safety, the Iron Mountain Police Department and the Dickinson County Sheriff Department.

Kingsford Public Safety Department is investing the one positive hit.

“The search was not a reaction to any activity, information, or suspicion about specific drug use or possession. It was done as a proactive measure in our continuing effort to maintain a drug-free, safe and orderly environment in our schools,” Allen said.

The search was done in a very professional manner and took approximately one hour to search more than 1,250 lockers, five locker rooms and all parking lots. The search was preceded by an announcement to staff and students that the high school and middle school were in a non-threatening lockdown situation.

“We were pleased with the manner in which staff and students carried out and conducted themselves during this non-threatening lockdown situation. Not only did the lockdown/search confirm our thoughts about controlled substances in our schools, it also provided an excellent opportunity to practice lockdown procedures and routines in a safe and orderly format. It was an excellent exercise in school safety,” Allen said.

He added that they will continue in the future to keep the students safe and the schools drug-free and orderly. This will include periodic K-9 searches.

“I’d like to thank the Dickinson County KIND Team and Kingsford Public Safety for arranging this initiative and the Marinette County Sheriff Department K-9 Unit for conducting the search,” Allen said.