They do not listen


Dickinson County taxpayers have voted and turned down on Nov. 6, 2012 the E-911 proposal to raise our taxes it was supposedly to replace equipment for 3 years at 0.4 mills.

Now our five elected servants called Dickinson County commissioners have decided the taxpayers did not know what they were doing so let’s do it all over again.

So on Feb 26, 2013 at our taxpayers cost, one thing is on the ballot, a tax-raising proposal, except in Iron Mountain where they will have two proposals to raise their taxes.

The reason taxpayers voted this proposal down is because we pay too many taxes. Get this through your brains, “enough is enough” elected servants to the people called county commissioners, also emergency manager coordinator, and our elected county sheriff.

And all other county employees who support raising our taxes. All you people work for us, the taxpayer, and we are sick and tired of playing your games of “tax ’em, spend it and waste it.”

They say, “put it on a ballot” let the dummies decide up or down. If it goes down, we do it again and at their cost.

Absolutely no thinking going on, 10-year-olds could make this decision to raise our taxes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what went wrong with the E-911 and how it can be fixed without raising taxes. It is strictly a poor management affair and the faults our elected servants called county commissioners. They do not listen to their bosses, and that’s us.

Let me give some simple solutions to this E-911 problem. It won’t be easy but it would solve our taxing problem:

1. Join and share with other nearby counties.

2. Privatization or contract out.

3. State police.

4. Sheriff department with part-time employees.

5. County treasurer has put tax dollars in investments in private banks. Let’s use it, it’s our tax dollars.

It is time to start cutting back, we have gone too far, too many programs, too many people, absolutely no good managing in sight.

Our county commissioners have been around too long, (one new one). Unbridled political power (being in office too long) knows no respect for laws and rules and creates its own logic and personal greed.

I rest my case.

Joseph Massie