We need the support


The Upper Peninsula Sportsman Alliance and the wolf problem go back several years. It took years of struggling with the government agencies to get the wolf removed from the Endangered Species list. This included the hiring of lawyers who spent a lot of time traveling to Minnesota and Washington DC.

Once they were removed from the endangered species list, the Michigan Legislature had to make the wolf a game animal so that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources could establish some sort of control of these animals.

UPSA teamed with the Michigan United Conservation Club (MUCC) in supporting our state senators and representatives in getting the bill approved and sent to the governor for his signature.

UPSA has now again teamed with MUCC because the anti groups are trying to stop any control of these animals in the state of Michigan. We are very fortunate to be able to team with MUCC as they recognize our problem. We need the support of the public to allow the Michigan DNR to scientifically control the wolf population in the problems areas of the Upper Peninsula.

The Upper Peninsula Sportsman Alliance will work with MUCC and any other group to win this battle.

Tony Demboski


President, UPSA