Marriage and divorce


I cannot speak for all the Bible-thumping, gun toting, freedom-lovers out there, but I want share some thoughts about the marriage and divorce rates in this country.

Marriage rates in this country are on a rapid decline. That alone might not mean too much. Now, compare that with the number of children being born to unwed parents, and you find a disturbing trend. Why is this happening? What is going on?

Here is my take on the marriage rates:

Here is what I think is going on. First of all, as our nation continues to run away from almighty God, and has embraced the principles of sexual freedom. Letting people do what they want, on their own time, on their own property is one thing. Forcing everyone else to pay for other people’s lack of judgment is another story. If people had to deal with the consequences of their actions, not to be confused with receiving all kinds of taxpayer handouts, I wouldn’t care too much about what anyone does with their free time.

In a day and age where we are told to rationalize our emotions and do what feels good to us right now, a roll in the hay with whoever, whenever, where ever you want makes perfect sense.

Fear not, we will even give your middle-school-aged children condoms, contraceptives, and abortions on demand, all of which will be provided free of charge without any need for parental consent. After all, your children might not like it if they have to take care of a child.

What ever happened to teaching the kids about the one and only, guaranteed to work, without fail, birth control method, called abstinence? What am I thinking, though? Yes, I know that would require people to control their urges and not rationalize their emotions. That would make too much sense. We cannot be having that. Such things are highly frowned upon. Hopefully, somebody understood where I was going with that.

Here is another angle on why marriage rates continue to decline. Since the feminist movement came along and eventually took to portraying men as monsters just for being, well, men, Everybody knows that all men are evil because they do not act and behave like women.

The logic used here is so profound and far beyond my grasp. Obviously, I cannot understand such things because I am one of those evil, wicked men that just happens to have a pasty-white complexion.

Feminism has nothing to with equal rights. It is all about special treatment.

Men are becoming more and more reluctant to get married because the costs and risks involved have gotten way too high.

Think about this: if a man has enough insight to work hard and become successful in whatever field, then it is very likely that he also understands that he can lose everything in a divorce.

His wife, kids, business, income, investments, saving, and such can all be ripped from his hands in the form of alimony. I am not saying that there are no “dead beat dads” out there. I do acknowledge their existence. I am not making excuses for those guys. That is another topic for another time.

Now, for my take on the increasing divorce rates:

In the case of those who went ahead and got married, finding a reason to file for divorce has become much, much easier.

Way back in the day, one could file for divorce in the cases of abuse, adultery, and/or abandonment.

Now days you can file for divorce for those reasons, or because your spouse snores, and all sorts of other asinine things.

We all know that property and everything else is not going to be split 50/50.

Sure, it will be cut two ways, but the female is going to walk away with a lot more than the male most of the time. There is always the chance of the male having his wages garnished to redistribute his income to his ex-wife as an alimony payment until he his heart stops.

We also know that the line, “for the well-being of the children,” is nothing more than a bag of lies.

“For the well-being of the children,” when translated into simplified English reads: “Sir, you are not going to receive custody of the children. It is likely that you will never see them again. We might allow you to see them once every month, with supervision, of course. Whether or not you are more or less qualified or able to take care of the children is completely irrelevant.”

How about a few solutions?

Since I shared my thoughts regarding what has gone wrong, I will toss a few ideas out there for solving the problem.

Marriage is a sacred covenant between one man, one woman, and God.

We keep hearing about the “separation of church and state” and how the churches cannot do this and that. That is a two-edged sword.

Since the churches cannot do this, that, and everything else, the federal and state governments should stay out of the marriage business. Let the churches deal with the sacred covenant of marriage.

Repeal any and all laws regarding marriage. Property and other things would remain the same, regardless of marital status.

Allow me to simplify that. What is his, will remain his, and what is hers, will remain hers. Any benefits that pertain to marriage, such as insurance coverage, would have to go as well. It would be equal and fair, without any discrimination.

That is what I have to say about the marriage and divorce rates in America. That was my attempt to identify the problem and offer solutions to repair the damage.

Anthony Joseph Schabel

Niagara, Wis.