DCH restricts OB visitors

IRON MOUNTAIN – Additional visitor restrictions are now in effect in Dickinson County Memorial Hospital’s OB Unit/Family Birth Center. Visitor restraint is urged in other areas of the hospital.

In order to keep newborns and their mothers safe and healthy at Dickinson Memorial Hospital, and due to the increase of respiratory disease in the area, the OB Department has further restricted visitation, officials said.

The only visitor allowed for each obstetrics patient is one designated spouse or significant other. Restrictions will remain in effect until further notice.

While not a formal facility wide Visitor Restriction, officials at Dickinson Memorial Hospital are requesting that people who are currently exhibiting signs of upper respiratory illness refrain from visiting hospitalized family and friends.

Those affected would be people who have colds, a cough, fever and any other form of respiratory distress.

Rather than make a personal visit to the hospital, people with compromised health are asked to send flowers or make a phone call.

“We have noted a significant increase in respiratory illness throughout our communities, and we needed to implement these more stringent restrictions to keep our new mothers and their infants, our most vulnerable patient population, safe and healthy,” explained Brenda DeAmicis, RN, Infection Control Specialist at Dickinson Memorial Hospital. “Our staff and patients greatly appreciate the co-operation and understanding of family members and friends.”

To help limit the spread of influenza, public health officials are reaffirming the need for hand hygiene, covering the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and staying home if sick.

“Our visitor restriction hotline number is (906) 776-5950 and is updated regularly as conditions change,” continued DeAmicis. “We encourage you call this number before planning a visit to the hospital.”