Battle for souls


The simple way to control people is not welcomed by many of the world, let alone in the U.S.A.

That is the fear of going to hades if you disobey the creator. With no fear of everlasting suffering, the angry person will do evil things and that is the will of Lucifer, the most beautiful creature ever created.

This Lucifer received knowledge beyond our human comprehension. Most know that Lucifer was rebellious and disobeyed God and was cast down to earth to roam and patrol and deceive many.

Does Lucifer (the devil) need to roam and patrol anymore? No.

With the electronics of our times, internet, TV and radio, the devil just sits back, controls much of the media and lets them do his work.

Some folks that do not believe hades exists are the atheists. I was once an atheist and as I studied, it became clear that an intelligence had to create the universe.

There are even some who believe in a creator God and still do not believe in hades. Then there are those that remove God from our schools and our government.

They are some of our elected or appointed officials. These people can force us to obey their laws, I say again, their laws, and use the powers of secular agencies.

The laws of our constitution were put into place by God-fearing men, yes God-fearing men.

God created us with a free will and consequently cannot force us to accept him or his teachings or he would break the promise of guaranteed free will.

Some folks say that religion is the cause of war. Yep, your right. It’s a battle for souls – ever lasting happiness or everlasting sadness.

Gary Proudfit

Iron Mountain