Kingsford runner-up at Mont Ripley meet

HANCOCK – Kingsford’s Nick Cecconi and Adam Michaud were at the top of the field Thursday in a high school ski meet at Mont Ripley.

Cecconi captured slalom along with a fourth in giant slalom. Michaud was the giant slalom winner and fourth in slalom.

“Nick and Adam led us to second place,” Flivver coach Kevin Cory noted.

Houghton’s boys and girls teams swept the team titles in the triangular meet. Flivver girls also finished runner-up.

“Brian Henderson’s Houghton girls and boys are very deep in talent and are hard to beat,” Cory said. “We are getting closer every meet.”

Flivvers’ Mandy Haferkorn tallied seconds in both events Thursday. Maddie Coombs was ninth in giant slalom with “another strong performance.”

“Strong finishes from Matt Anderson and Marco Savarin kept the boys in the running,” said Cory, noting starter Hunter Laing was out sick. “We put Collin Henke up at bat for his first varsity start and had his best performance of the year.”

Kingsford hosts a meet Tuesday at Pine Mountain.

“As I said before, our best skiing is yet to come,” Cory said. “Our freshmen girls and boys (Maddie Coombs, Tonia Wilkey, Meghan Schultz, Mike Anderson and Cole Kubick) are getting better fast. That is great to see.”


HOU 35 (SL17/GS18), KING 44 (22/22), IWD 81 (40/41).

Slalom – 1) Nick Cecconi (K) 1:22.91, 2) Tony Stein (H) 1:24.28, 3) Ian Helman (H) 1:25.38, 4) Adam Michaud (K) 1:26.24 , 5) Jacob Jarvis (H) 1:27.89, 8) Marco Savarin (K) 1:32.33, 9) Matt Anderson (K) 1:35.59.

Giant slalom – 1) Adam Michaud (K) 1:08.13, 2) Jacob Jarvis (H) 1:08.87, 3) Connor Johnson (H) 1:09.19, 4) Nick Cecconi (K) 1:09.58, 5) Max McPherson (IWD)1:10.18, 8) Matt Anderson (K) 1:11.66, 9) Marco Savarin (K) 1:12.30.


HOU-31 (SL 15/ GS 16), KING- 71 (35/36), IWD 78 (40/38).

Slalom – 1) Leslie Hamar (H) 1:28.26, 2) Mandy Haferkorn (K) 1:30.12, 3) Brianne Maggio (H) 1:36.66, 4) Dani McCullough (IWD) 1:37.03, 5) Taylor Venegas (H) 1:37.50, 9) Maddie Coombs (K).

Giant slalom – 1) Leslie Hamar (H) 1:10.98, 2) Mandy Haferkorn(K) 1:11.77, 3) Dani McCullough (IWD) 1:12.87, 4) Ellen Lucier (H) 1:13.17, 5) Brianne Maggio (H) 1:13.86, 9) Maddie Coombs (K).