Most disheartening


When the Supreme Court declared it acceptable to abort our unborn babies, it was the first step in a long procession.

In the past 40 years we have experienced a culture that has evolved to the point that we value animals and trees more than our own babies.

This has cultivated a mind set in our country that has desensitized the value of life that has lead to random acts of violence against other human beings as we have seen in the recent massacres in schools, theaters, and malls.

The most disheartening to our community lately is the children we chosen to give birth to have so little value of human life that they are killing themselves.

How did we get to this point where our children don’t have enough hope to carry on when things get tough?

You may be thinking this is a walk to stand against abortion and you right it is; however all of these things are connected through a timeline that started with Roe vs Wade and weaved it way through our homes, schools and communities.

Today I walk in memory of the many lives aborted over the past 40 years. And as I walk I will also remember those lives lost at the hands of people who don’t value the sanctity of life as we do.

I also walk in the hope that our future generations and leaders will see us and remember that we are each a valued life sent from God to fulfill his ultimate purpose, which is to share his love with one another.

Shari Wery