The legacy continues


On Saturday, Feb. 2, Dr. John Fornetti will host his 7th annual, free, dental clinic. No appointments, first come,first served,no preference, except must be 18 or older.

This is certainly one big generous act that defies the old adage that nothing is really free.

Dental care is the “poor brother,” out of reach due to cost and its being ignored as part of normal health insurance coverage.

Many years ago, I grew up just outside Iron Mountain’s city limit and next door to Dr. Ted Fornetti Sr. I understand he gave his patients free tickets for Taystee Freeze cones.

After raising his sons, who also became dentists, Dr. Ted Sr. gave his own homesite where Bay College West now stands as a gift to the area.

Now, with Dr. John Fornetti the legacy continues. It is a rare and beautiful gesture that warms the heart and heals dental woes.

Barry Dalberto

Saint Germain, Wis.