Will you be the hero?


Hi, my name is Charlie, and this is my story. I was brought to the shelter. No one knows anything about me except I am here.

They labeled me stray. Do you know what that means? I don’t.

All I know is that I am here and I am scared to death. I huddle in my litter box trying not to be seen. Any movement scares me.

The cage door opens and I am being taken out of the cage. I am so afraid. I tuck my feet and my tail under me so tight. The woman is stroking my head very gently and talking to me.

But I am so afraid. She hands me over to another woman. What is going to happen to me now?

I try to get away, but I am put into a smaller cage. I shrink to the back of this cage. The cage is moving now, and I am outside. It is cold out here.

Now I am back inside again where it is warm. The woman sets the cage down on the carpeting and opens the little swinging door.

I sit and I wait.

Now what happens to me?

The woman now sits down and talks to me gently coaxing me out of the little cage.

I can see a box with a blanket two little dishes set aside and a litter box.

She is gently stroking my back and talking to me, telling me I will be staying with her for a while. She does not make any quick movements, as she knows this will frighten me.

She is telling that it is time for a fresh start and a new life, the old one is no more.

I will be loved and given a second chance.

She is giving me a new name. I will be called “Kirby.”

She is telling me that I am beautiful, and I am unique. I am a long haired male.

My eyes are dark gold. I have white down both sides of my nose. I have an oval shaped black spot on my chin, and then I have a bib of white fur that gradually goes into a chocolate color, and then black again.

I have extra toes, four of which have white on the tip but the thumb digit is all black.

I have chocolate brown fur from my front legs to my back legs. I guess she is right. I am unique, but I am still afraid.

I need someone special to care for me that is willing to take the time to help me get over my fears.

Once I get to know you, I know I will have enough love in my heart to make up for all the extra time needed to make me the cat I am destined to be.

My Foster Mom has gotten me this far.

I do not run away now. I look for someone to sit with me.

I enjoy rubbing my chin on yours.

I love to curl up on your lap and become your best friend.

Will you be the hero that will love me?

Don’t adopt me because you feel sorry for me. Adopt me so I will be loved and never have to experience the fear of being a stray ever again.

Search your heart. Will it be you?

Jeanne Gardipee