The worst tragedy


Some events you don’t like to comment on, let alone write about.

Nothing is worse than killing little defenseless children, but I will try. The senseless dumbed down 20-year-old nut-job, dope-addict, inhuman who shot and killed the children in school in Connecticut is the worst tragedy that can take place in a supposedly civilized country.

We will do a lot of talking, especially liberal politicians, that want to take our guns away. No real action to solve the real problem will take place.

I just read where another nut-job dynamited a school killing 37 children in 1938.

Also we allow doctors, using surgical tools, they kill in the mother’s womb, 2,000 babies a day. They call it abortion, I call it murder.

Why not ban dynamite and surgical tools? How about this tragedy, it happened in Waco, Texas (April 1993). The United States Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) using tanks, assault weapons, flame throwers and deadly gas. They burned down a home with 78 people in it, including one-third were children half under 5 years of age. Who did order this?

Clinton was president, Janet Reno was Attorney General. Now aren’t we brave, in the land of the free and the home of the brave? You tell me who ordered this massacre?

Now some words about a 20-year-old nut-job.

First of all he did not have full time father, parents were divorced, less time spent with their children.

An absent father is almost a guarantee for belief in an absent God, too busy to care about individuals. So no one around to teach the belief in a personal God. With proper parenting he could have been in the military at 18.

Home schooling would have also solved this problem, also private schools or maybe charter schools, where some discipline might be taught.

Another thought we don’t need government (public) schools anymore. They have outlived their purpose. All schools should be operated like a YMCA, hours would be 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, and twice on Sunday, school time would be 365 days a year.

Privatization is a word that scares the daylights out of tax-paid employees, because it works when tried.

The Department of Education in Washington D.C. should be disbanded. It is totally dysfunctional. Remember guns don’t do the killing, nut-jobs pull the trigger, they have to be put in institution before it too late, and it might be too late already.

Joe Massie