Fans, please tone it down


Fan – a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal.

My daughter plays on a varsity girls basketball team. I used to look forward to the games, but not so much anymore. Our team is 0-9 (as of this writing), but the losing record has nothing to do with why I don’t look forward to the games.

It is because of some of our “fans.” Our team is not doing so well, but it is not because they want to lose. They all make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes because nobody is perfect. I don’t mind yelling at games, I do it myself.

It is the singling out of players when they make a mistake and screaming directly at them that I have a problem with. When players are looking up into the stands and asking people to “please stop,” this is unacceptable in my opinion.

How can they possibly focus on the game? At the beginning of our home games our announcer makes an announcement and part of it says, “good sportsmanship is a reflection of the classroom.”

I am sure none of you would appreciate a teacher screaming at your child if they did not understand something or made a mistake on their work.

So I am politely asking you to stop yelling discouraging things at the kids and start yelling encouraging things. Thank you.

Shelly Stroud, proud parent and fan

Michelle Stroud