Niagara man pleads not guilty in food service incident


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A Niagara, Wis. man has pleaded not guilty to placing harmful objects in food.

Dalton Delone Ursulean, 23, appeared in Dickinson County Circuit Court with his attorney Dan Jaspen for arraignment on Monday. A not guilty plea was entered to the charge, and a pre-trial conference was set for Feb. 21 at 1 p.m.

Ursulean is charged as a habitual offender, fourth offense notice.

According to the felony complaint, on Aug. 25, 2012, while employed at McDonald’s, Ursulean was observed intentionally spitting into a snack wrap with knowledge it would be served to a uniformed officer. The defendant admitted to a co-worker that he had “spit one nasty loogie into the cop’s wrap,” according to the complaint.

The officer was subsequently identified as Tom Unger and he confirmed he had ordered a snack wrap from McDonald’s at the time and date defendant was reported to have spit into his food.

Ursulean is being held in the Marinette County Jail on another charge.

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