Iron Mountain does not agree to endorse 9-1-1 millage


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN The Iron Mountain City Council, in a vote of 2-4, decided not to support a resolution endorsing the 9-1-1 millage request by the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners.

As one of the municipalities in Dickinson County, the Iron Mountain City Council had received a letter from County Controller Kay Pascoe on Jan. 16, asking that they support a resolution that urges voters to pass the millage request on Feb. 26.

The 9-1-1 millage request is one of two millage questions on the ballot for this special election the other being the Iron Mountain School District’s millage request. City Manager Jordan Stanchina, in his memo to the council, noted that the city will incur costs associated with the election now that the county is placing this ballot question before voters.

“This adds approximately $1,500 of unbudgeted costs to the city’s general fund,” Stanchina said. He noted that City Clerk-Treasurer Isaac Micheau had discussed this added expense with Dickinson County Clerk Dolly Cook and was told that the county is not planning on contributing anything to this cost.

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