Develop control skills


I want to commend The Daily News for printing the article “Control key to ski safety” (Tuesday, Jan. 8).

As a professional ski instructor, I’ve seen this escalate to a big problem in recent years. Too many skiers and boarders do not have enough skills to control their speed and direction and have become a real hazard to safety on the slopes today.

It’s about time for the ski industry to take steps to do something about it.

I’m in favor of programs that promote multiple lessons for people to learn skills that develop control.

Too many get one lesson and learn just enough to be dangerous. The majority of them do not take more skill development classes and are on terrain that is way above their ability.

Colorado resorts are already using actual police patrolmen to patrol their slopes. We may see a day when you’ll have a license to ski, ability tests, and restrictions to certain areas if you do not pass.

My advice: take lessons and develop control skills so that we can all enjoy skiing safely without the fear of being run into. Ski safely.

Roger Kamp

Iron Mountain