‘American Pickers’ show features Nahma tonight


For The Daily News

NAHMA – An episode of the hit reality show “American Pickers” filmed in Nahma this past summer will air tonight on the History Channel.

“American Pickers” shows the journey of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they search the country for junkyards, basements, garages, barns, and other storage spaces in pursuit of antique treasures, according to the History Channel’s website. The two travel the country in a van, looking to purchase antiques and collectables for their business Antique Archeology based in Le Claire, Iowa. An additional store is located in Nashville.

“These guys … look for history and stuff like that, and interesting, different things – not your typical run-of-the-mill antiques,” said Charley MacIntosh, co-owner of the Nahma Inn, who also owns the building of the adjacent former Nahma General Store, where an upcoming episode of the series was filmed.

MacIntosh said he and his wife Laurie, Nahma Inn co-owner, had been interested in having “American Pickers” come to the general store for some time; the couple had previously chosen to purchase the building for extra storage space.

The general store was filled with a lot of inventory dating to as late as the early 1950s.

MacIntosh said the general store contained antiques of all sorts – items in the upstairs of the building that were not sold when the general store was in operation and even some items from the former Nahma hospital.

American Pickers finally came to Nahma this past July, approximately two years from when the MacIntoshes had contacted the series to visit them originally.

“The experience was great,” said MacIntosh, who noted there were approximately 12 people total that came associated with the show, including sound and camera operators and producers. The crew stayed in Nahma for approximately seven hours. Though not able to discuss any major details, MacIntosh noted the pair did purchase many items stored inside the building.

“They’re neat to watch, they’re humorous and they make a good show,” said MacIntosh of the two “Pickers” stars.

The Nahma Inn will be hosting a viewing party for the episode, which airs today at 9 p.m. (Eastern time) on the History Channel.

“It’s great to have the town of Nahma exposed so much because even a lot of people in the U.P. didn’t know about Nahma and where it’s even located,” he said. He hopes American Pickers will get the message out that Nahma is a nice, secluded getaway with a lot to offer visitors.

The episode will begin with Wolfe and Fritz stopping in Wisconsin before they make their trek up north to Nahma. According to an excerpt of the episode preview on the series’ website: “…during a swing through Michigan the Pickers discover a general store that has been closed for 60 years. Its vintage inventory is completely intact and the new owner (Charley) … is ready to make a deal.”