Something to ponder


I firmly believe in the rights of the citizenry to bear arms as the Second Amendment states. However, what concerns me is the lack of discussion and debate on the context of the day and age in which the Second Amendment was passed.

In the era of the Amendments’ passing, an individual owned single shot black powder loading muskets, not 30-shot-clip Mac 10’s that could take out entire classrooms with a few bursts of the trigger. With the reloading process alone of the musket a perpetrator could be stopped from reloading by literally throwing books at the individual. I don’t believe this would stop someone with a semi-auto assault weapon from clicking out one clip and clicking in another.

Again, I firmly believe in the Second Amendment and the rights it provides. However, the time in history in which this amendment was passed should give us all something to ponder.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain