School Board Recognition Month

January is School Board Recognition Month, and Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District is joining 552 local and 56 intermediate school districts across the state to thank these community volunteers for their untiring dedication to public education.

“Serving on a school board has been described as the ‘toughest volunteer job in America,'” said Wendy Warmuth, superintendent of Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District. “Yet Michigan’s public school board members dedicate countless personal hours to attending meetings, school functions, and hours of preparation for the decisions they make.”

“On top of that, many pursue their own professional development to stay on top of the ever-changing education landscape,” Warmuth said. “Collectively, school board members in Michigan have spent about 7,000 hours attending training and professional development. They’re dedicated individuals who are committed to the continuing success of our schools and students.”

It’s an exciting and challenging time in education.

“We proudly join educators and community members in saluting these education advocates as they provide vision and leadership for student achievement, academic programs, district funding and school facilities,” said Warmuth. “They preserve the core of our democracy-public education.”

The various districts in our area will honor board members with their own celebrations. The men and women serving in our area, along with the district they serve are as follows:

School board members for 2012-13

– Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District

Hans Baij, Robert Witter, William Borga, Thomas Kniivila, Nancy deKoster, James Nocerini Sr., and Lisa Koon-Bloomburg.

– Iron Mountain City Public Schools

Marvin Harry, Mark Pontti, Rob Langsford, Steve Brooks, Lisa Basanese, Ed Mattson, and Jeff Michaud.

– Norway-Vulcan Area Schools

Candy Brew, Tami Miller, Richard Galotta, Mary Pat Madigan, Wendy Mattia, Al Schultz and Grant Carlson.

– Breitung Township School District

Charlie Novara, Bob Hendrickson, William Rice, Doug McDowell, Joanne To, Kate Thomas and Dave Kashian.

– North Dickinson County School District

Carl Steinbrecher, Lynn Oman, Chris Minella, Marsha Hord, James Carey, Paul Schuiteman and Larry Rusch.

– Forest Park School District

Kristine Imhoff, Lisa Bloomburg, Jim Nocerini, William St. John, Dr. Kim Scarlassara, Dr. Debra Kivoky and Donald Peterson.

– West Iron County School District

Roy Polich, Faye Atanasoff, Eric Malmquist, Beth Vezzetti, Gary Pisoni, Rob Possanza and Arthur B. Sacheck.

– Bishop Baraga Catholic School

Rev. Joseph Gouin, Msgr. James Kaczmarck, Fr. Michael Woempner, Fr. Dan Zaloga, Lisa Richards, Ann Hammond, Ronald Wagner, Deb Hanson, Deb Beauchamp, Jane LeBouf, Michelle Morel, Michael Parent, Wayne Phillips and Kristen Sommerfeld.

– Holy Spirit Central School

Fr. Tim Ekaitis, Kristen Ball, Rose Gianunzio, Jerome Sarnowski, Jodie Gilroy, Renee Pollard and Ebie Stack.