Hold them accountable


I’ve been seeing the headlines where the Republicans are whining about the national debt.

Why you’d think Obama and the Democrats invented the debt.

I wanted to see just who is to blame here. Republicans or Democrats? So I looked at some figures that a ultra conservative group gleaned from the Official Office of Management and Budget.

The figures showed the record of the last 10 presidents which by a happy circumstance turned out to be five Democrats and five Republicans, beginning with Kennedy and ending with Obama’s first term.

The figures I totaled were the budget deficits as a percentage of GDP by administration. Guess what? The Republicans’ administrations ran up the most debt – 16.9 percent versus 12.7 percent for the Democrats.

I think if congress cuts the debt that this would be an ideal time to show us that they lead by example and are truly leaders by cutting their salary by the same percent that they reduce the debt.

Show us that not only the poor and disadvantage will have the pain but congress will too.

We can blame the Republicans for creating one of the biggest, most expensive bureaucracies ever, the TSA.

Notice how they keep that budget expense well hidden. Did you notice how they felt good about sending our troops to two wars then tried to remove $290 million from the budget of the Veterans Administration?

As long as we were defending big oil and their interests no expense was too much. Just ignore the troops that came back all torn up.

Now with the big banks running amok and a major financial scandal appearing in the papers every week the Republicans tried to remove $260 million from the Securities and Exchange Administration so they couldn’t investigate and prosecute the big banks.

The one true consumer protection advocate, Elizabeth Warren had to fight the huge financial Republican interests, but people like me that sent in $20 or $30 from all over the nation rallied to her cause.

If the Republicans want to gain some respectability, they will have to show at least a glimmer of honesty, and compassion for the poor, disadvantaged, and struggling middle class instead of trying to destroy the backbone of America.

They want our government to bailout the banks with TARP, now they want the middle class to bail out the government.

Also note no major bankers in jail yet. They are paid millions each week then when an employee makes over a billion dollars in illegal trades they deny being aware of it.

They are paid to be aware of their financial transactions. We have to hold them accountable, too.

James Oliver Rye

Crystal Falls