Had a lot of fun


I used to wait all summer for the season to open. Back then the weather was colder. Going out early, many mornings were frosty. That made it noisy when walking.

Having lots of time, the birds would run and hide under the pines rather than fly. As the early sun melted the frosty trees dripped cold water. The thawing brush would saturate my clothes. Often a covey of three or more would fly up making a lot of noise.

It seemed most of the time they flew into that powerful, bright, early morning sun so I would not see them very well. Anyway, I usually shot some tree branches off.

If they flew sideways there was usually a large sapling or big tree in the way. This prevented me from swinging on them to shoot.

Back then the birds were big and plentiful. Being back in the house, many times I would hear a thud. I would go out to look and I would see a partridge on the ground that had flown into the side of the house. They always recovered and flew away. That has not happened in many years.

Out in the woods in the old days, I would see some beautifully colored birds and flying squirrels. Also, once in a while, a rare black silver-tipped fox. There were lots of rabbits and woodchucks to see as well. I had a lot of fun in the great U.P. Michigan woods.

William Schmitt